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An Affirmation Complements Your Sacred Mantra

As part of The Practice, I suggest that you conclude your Reflection with a nightly affirmation, followed by your Sacred Mantra as you drift off to sleep. You can write your own or use the following nightly affirmation that was written for Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life by our dear friend Mary:

This day is now over. I choose to live in the present moment. I am thankful for having been given this day and the blessing that it has held. I take comfort in now releasing any challenges or successes I experienced today, and I head into a restful sleep with the peace and knowledge that tomorrow is a new day. I am always working towards the person I wish to be.

Similar to a Sacred Mantra, an affirmation is a tool for transformation. An affirmation is typically a positive statement in your own words or those of an inspirational author you admire, rather than a hallowed verse. Affirmations are helpful for maintaining a positive frame of mind and can complement your Sacred Mantra throughout the day. For example, I sometimes say to myself, “Barb, you can handle anything life sends your way” and follow that with my Sacred Mantra.

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