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My Journey of Transformation: A Path of Learning

Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life and The Practice developed as a result of a long personal journey that began with my search for something that would make me feel happy, peaceful, and secure. In the beginning, I tried to create these feelings through the people and situations in my life. After a time, it seemed as if I had achieved everything I wanted—at least externally. I was living my life from the outside in, trying to nourish my inner self with things outside of me. On the inside, I knew more was needed for me to feel whole, confident, and at peace.

This feeling that something was lacking sparked my spiritual search for “the answer.” I began studying religions and spiritual philosophies and reading the works of the masters, saints, and mystics of the past as well as many modern-day inspirational authors. As I developed a deeper connection to myself over my many years of study and practice, I began to integrate the principles I had been learning into my life more personally. As I became more grounded in my spiritual work, I discovered within a deep sense of inner balance, security, and confidence. In the process, I found the answer I had been seeking. It was within me all along!

On my journey, I learned that I could enjoy external things, but all the things in the world would never fill my soul. I took back control of my thoughts from my busy mind and listened to the messages in the stillness of my heart. I found a well of inner peace, waiting to nourish and sustain me. Here, within, is where I found an ever-ready source of fulfillment, unconditional love, worthiness, and strength.

Of course, challenges still exist. After all, this is life! However, living from the inside out (from within) helps me to be more present to the moments of my life, cope better with stress, and approach difficulties and opportunities with a deeper sense of stability. This is an amazing experience that anyone who desires a peaceful mind, a sense of purpose, worthiness, deeper fulfillment, love, or lasting happiness can have. This is why I developed The Practice—to help others learn how to fill the longings in their heart, know their magnificence as human beings, and feel the strength to handle anything life sends their way.

Through this website, my workshops, lectures & my book, The Practice, I wish to share with you my tools for cultivating a peaceful mind and living a peaceful life. I want you to know that no matter what happens in your life, you have within you the source of peace, strength, worth, love, and light that you need to deal with anything. Not only can this internal source support you in trying times (as well as in the good times!), but it can also help you create the life you want to live—an amazing life of purpose, fulfillment, peace, love, happiness, and joy!

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