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How The Practice Works

The Practice is a set of practical and mindful tools to be used throughout the day to guide us along life’s journey. The Practice creates the following three-part framework around which to structure our day for greater peace, happiness, and mindfulness:

The Practice divides into three core areas to work with you throughout the day:

1. Waking Up

Waking Up is a morning meditation that sets a peaceful tone for the rest of the day. The first thing we do when we open our eyes in the morning is wake up and stop, rather than wake up and get started on our to-do list. Students new to meditation often begin The Practice with just five minutes of morning meditation, eventually building up to thirty minutes as the benefits of this quiet time reveal themselves.

2. Living Present

During the day, The Practice guides us to call upon our Sacred Mantra to help us keep our focus, restore a peaceful mind, and live in the moment. Focused Attention is an opportunity to give one thing our undivided attention at a time instead of multitasking and doing many things with less awareness. Reading for Inspiration is an opportunity to expand our experience of the spiritual life—yes, reading the Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life blog and quotations on Facebook count! I also have my personal list of suggested reading from which you can choose.

3. Letting Go

At the day’s end, we spend a few moments in Reflection. Without judgment, we scan the events of our day and our feelings about them and then put them to rest with the knowledge that we will likely have another day to try things a little differently, if desired. Then, closing the day with an affirmation and our Sacred Mantra is a wonderful nightcap for drifting off to sleep with a peaceful mind and peaceful heart.

The Practice Fits Busy Lives, Because Busy Lives Need It Most!

By engaging in this daily practice every day, you will come to see that The Practice is a balanced foundation from which to live your life. You will feel more present, peaceful, loving, and empowered. When you live from a grounded place within—no matter how busy you are in the outside world—you will discover that you actually have more time in your life just “to be”!