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Letting Go — Reflection

Letting Go through the practice of Reflection is an opportunity for you to make peace with yourself before you turn in for the night. You do this by taking a review of your day without judging anything as “good” or “bad.” Engaging in the nightly Reflection exercise helps you gain an awareness of how your actions and thoughts impact your life and others, as your mind, body, and heart become more aligned with how you wish to live.

Benefits of Letting Go

  • Releases guilt
  • Reveals the blessings and gifts in life
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Helps you forgive yourself and others
  • Helps change unhealthy behaviors
  • Prepares for a new day of living present

Permit the Past to Pass

Each evening, spend five to ten minutes reviewing your day. Do not spend more time than that, as it is far too easy to get caught up in how you could have handled things differently! Watch your day as if it were a movie. Stay in the present, even as you see things you wish you could change.

Make a mental note of the areas you might like to see some improvement, not to judge but to know that when a similar situation happens again on another day, you can try a different response or action. Life often repeats itself. Keep this awareness as guidance for future thoughts and actions. Eventually, you will identify your tendencies and conditioned behaviors and will have the awareness necessary to make any desired changes.

During Reflection, you may find it helpful to ask yourself questions, such as a few of the following:

  • Did I give my full attention to the people in my life?
  • Was I present for them? Was I patient with them?
  • How was my interaction with my family and friends?
  • How was my interaction with my coworkers and acquaintances?
  • Did I make eye contact with people?
  • Did I listen to what others had to say?
  • Did I use The Practice in my day? How did it help?
  • Did I turn to my Sacred Mantra for support?
  • What went well today?
  • What didn’t go well today?
  • What are my blessings?

After five or ten minutes, you may wish to close your review by reciting an affirmation. Then, silently repeat your Sacred Mantra as you drift into peaceful sleep. Rest soundly with peace in your heart and mind.

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