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Living Your Heart’s Rhythm

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”
—Joseph Campbell

For years February has been known as Heart Month with Valentine’s Day on February 14. We typically associate Valentine’s day with having a relationship with someone that we want to honor and spend time with doing something special. What if we get a little radical and choose to honor and love our relationship with ourselves on Valentine’s Day?

I speak often about our lives having a beautiful rhythm when we live connected within, through meditation, mantra repetition, and mindfulness. To live connected within means we are not at the mercy of the external world, we live from the “inside out” confident, loving, and strong.

So let’s look at how we can live in the rhythm of the heart.

Be kind: When we are kind in our thoughts, words, and deeds we feel on top of the world. This is living in your heart’s rhythm. Living in negative energy with our words is draining and has a real impact on our psyche. In this world today there is plenty of negativity, but we can have differences of opinions and still be loving and kind. Be the change you wish to see. Be the light.

Meditation: Spend time in silence with you. Begin your day connecting with you. In this sitting you are connecting to your heart. It’s in the heart where we hear our deepest desires.

Mantra Repetition: Choose a mantra that resonates with your heart and use it throughout the day every time your mind begins down a negative path. For example, if you have the thought, “I am not good enough for this job,” immediately begin repeating your mantra allowing you to connect within where the truth resides.

Precious beings: You are more than good enough always!
Remember a negative feeds a negative. Nip negative thoughts in the bud immediately. Your mantra is your gatekeeper for the mind. For more on choosing and using a mantra click here.

Practice self-love: Find time every day, even if just for a few minutes, to appreciate you. Say to yourself, “Thank you body for being here for me. I am strong, confident, and complete.” I talk to myself all the time. Without loving and taking care of myself, I can’t be all in for those around me. Stepping into your life fully means loving yourself unconditionally.

Be in nature: Being in rhythm means coming in and going out. We are in nature all the time. Birds, trees, and beautiful things are all around us. The next time you leave your house, notice during this transition time from one thing to the next that there is beauty all around you. This shift in attention helps you feel a beautiful rhythm with Nature.

Open your heart this Valentine’s Day to great love, respect, and care for yourself. Then this will truly be a beautiful day.

I’m wishing you love, beauty, and health as you come into alignment with your heart’s rhythm.

About Barb Schmidt

Barb Schmidt Barb Schmidt is an international best-selling author, businesswoman, philanthropist, and spiritual teacher with over thirty years devoted to spiritual development and research. In 2001, Barb partnered with Florida Atlantic University’s Peace Studies Program to promote dialogue in the greater community on the topic of inner peace. Additionally, she taught a class on meditation and spiritual practices as part of the life-long learning program at Nova University for five years. For the past ten years, she has been offering workshops and classes on spiritual practices throughout the world. A sought-after speaker, Barb regularly lectures at schools and organizations to spread her message of living a meaningful, happy life.
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