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Sacred Mantra Art

A deeply satisfying way to use the Sacred Mantra is through the creation of artwork. This has become one of my favorite activities ever! In this activity, the mantra is written within the spaces of a line drawing in various colors. It is like coloring with words. To give you a better idea of what this activity is all about, take a look at a my sample Sacred Mantra artwork.

I love this activity and have created hundreds of unique mandalas and designs. I make Sacred Mantra artwork for friends who are ill or have lost loved ones, and I have made them for people who need encouragement, or I simply give them as a gift for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. My husband loves to fly, so I wrote my Sacred Mantra in a line drawing of an airplane and gave it to him as a birthday card. He truly appreciated this unique birthday wish. I’ve found that Sacred Mantra art can be a very meaningful gift to the people in our lives.

For this activity, you will need a clean line drawing on white paper and thin-tipped colored markers or sharp colored pencils. Write your mantra in the spaces, filling as much of the white space as possible with the words. Repeat the mantra to yourself as you write it. Plan your colors, switching off as necessary to create the design you want.

Once you have finished, you can give it to a loved one or friend, or keep it as inspiration for you whenever you need it during the day. I have one hanging on a wall in my home. I smile every time I pass it. When I’m having a particularly trying day, I go look at it, breathe, and move on with my day. Sacred Mantra art is a powerful activity that not only deepens your intimacy and connection with your mantra, it connects you deeply to those you are creating it for.