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Your Sacred Mantra Opens Your Mind to Peace

Your Sacred Mantra is your essential tool for creating peace in your mind, body, and heart. It is a deeply personal, time-honored phrase that clears out the clutter in your mind. Repeating a Sacred Mantra invokes the revered essence of the phrase and connects you to that deep source within your heart and soul. Some meditation sites or teachers assign mantras to students. However, The Practice encourages you to choose a sacred phrase that’s meaningful to you.

Benefits of Using Your Sacred Mantra

  • Focuses on the present moment
  • Quiets mental chatter
  • Helps create clarity
  • Reduces anxiety and soothes nerves
  • Helps you act mindfully, rather than mindlessly react
  • Sweeps away doubts and worries.
  • Diffuses anger and impatience
  • Eliminates distractions and digressions
  • Calms negative emotions
  • Facilitates personal transformation
  • Connects you to your deep spiritual source

When to Engage Your Sacred Mantra

  • When you feel stressed, afraid, upset, unsure, irritated, angry, or impatient
  • When your mind is unfocused, preoccupied, cluttered, or frantic
  • When you feel good, centered, grounded, and positive
  • While walking, exercising, or doing routine tasks
  • As you fall asleep

Your Sacred Mantra is like a hand to hold, anytime, anywhere. Always. Begin the search for your Sacred Mantra now.

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