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Ask Barb

Q: Dear Barb,
How do I make The Practice a priority?
– Jane

A: Dear Jane,
This is THE question! I say, pick one part of The Practice and do it.

For example, start with the first tool: Waking Up: Meditation.
Make the commitment that you will start your day with a 5-minute meditation— a “sitting with yourself.” To make time for this, wake up five minutes earlier than you usually do.

Starting the day with this 5-minute meditation sets the tone for your whole day. You are connecting with yourself and living life grounded from within. So instead of being at the mercy of the outside world, you are connected and ready to deal with the things the day sends your way.

Only do this 5-minute meditation to begin, and after a time when you feel that this has become part of your routine, then move on to Living Present, the second part of The Practice.

Soon you will start to see the benefits of this morning meditation in your life, and you will not want to miss it for anything.

Blessings and love,

About Barb Schmidt

Barb Schmidt Barb Schmidt is an international best-selling author, businesswoman, philanthropist, and spiritual teacher with over thirty years devoted to spiritual development and research. In 2001, Barb partnered with Florida Atlantic University’s Peace Studies Program to promote dialogue in the greater community on the topic of inner peace. Additionally, she taught a class on meditation and spiritual practices as part of the life-long learning program at Nova University for five years. For the past ten years, she has been offering workshops and classes on spiritual practices throughout the world. A sought-after speaker, Barb regularly lectures at schools and organizations to spread her message of living a meaningful, happy life.